Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Evening Running & Afternoon Walking

Yesterday after working on my talk most of the morning, I took all my heavy bags (computer bag plus I decided to reread Atlas Shrugged which is *giant* but oh so delicious inside!) all around the city with me. I stopped at a Panera for a salad and then headed down to Lincoln Park. I love living in a city where you can always discover new places. I have run on the lakefront for years and I never just saw what would happen if I tried to get off the path and got slightly west when I was south of Diversey. Go figure there is a lagoon type thing there with a nice path around it (took some pictures with the new hotness that is iPhone...although still not much signal indoors which is making leah frustrated...I think that's an ATT thing though) :

I am guessing the path around it is only about a mile, but it was really nice. I sat and read for awhile, talked to an older guy named Mike about the city in general, walked around the lake and just *really* enjoyed the day. Then I headed back north. On the way I stopped at the Lakeview Athletic Club to see what they were all about. Super nice and swanky. We don't know where we are going to move but after yesterdays walk I am rethinking Lakeview instead of Lincoln Square....we'll have to see what happens in the next week.

Jason and I met at my Dad's apartment and then we went for a run. We did 3.8 miles and we went back to the Lagoon because I wanted Jason to see it. We didn't go fast as our legs were a bit heavy from the day before.

Today I am still working on my talk (seriously, I can't wait till this is over. I don't know how much information to put in the talk and I'm getting frustrated in general), and then I have a lunch meeting. That's all that's on the schedule today.


Jason said...

After seeing that lagoon, I'm thinking we definitely might need to expand our search radius

Nicole said...

Looks lovely...I'll have to try to find that!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

It's nice to see you posting pictures again.  You're a great photographer!