Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot & Humid

Yesterday after the JMan got home we went out for a neighborhood run with the intention of ending at the gym and doing some weight lifting. We did the running part going about 3.4 miles. The lifting heavy things part...hmm not so much. We started on the assisted dip/pullup machine and I got *really* lightheaded. The gym we belong to doesn't have the greatest cooling system ever as it was just as hot in there as it was outside. I hadn't eaten much during the day either which I'm sure didn't help. I grabbed a Gatorade but that didn't do the trick and so we headed back home.

I'm currently in my apartment. It's muggy in here and we already started to pack up our shit and so it's not the nicest environment to work in but physics must be done and so work it is :-). Yes that's right we aren't moving for another 5.5ish weeks, but a) I'm very excited to move and b) my Dad and Stepmom are around and offered to help with our basement storage area (read : area where we have a lot of shit which we haven't looked at in probably 6 years and I'm terrified of looking at) and so we started the process. Sue moved all the storage area crap out of cardboard boxes and into nice big plastic tupperware tubs that are now all categorized, which is exciting. I hope this move is better than the last few. It's so easy to go..."Oh it's not that bad to move, just put stuff in boxes" then you start and all of a sudden it's 3am and you are rifling through pages of papers going ... yeah...WHAT IS ALL THIS SHIT? So we are starting early to hopefully lighten our load a bit this time around.

I'm going to try and get a run in this afternoon/late morning and then tonight I think the plan is to go see Batman tonight. Yay!

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MOF a/k/a Margo said...

I threw away so much stuff that we hadn't used in the 5 years that we lived in our apartment before we moved to our house. I'm about to throw away more stuff that we haven't used since living in the house! Good luck!