Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Wrapup in 8 Minutes

Jason and I had the best weekend ever. It wasn't like we did anything super cool, but we did a whole hell of a lot. And since work starts in like 7 minutes.....I'm going to the awesomeness that is bullet points

  • Early morning photographs at the lake
  • Breakfast and reading at Panera for ~2 hours
  • Borders browsing for books on design as I'm clueless on most of that, plus a book on learning Adobe Illustrator so I can keep up a bit better with the design guru at work
  • Worked on stripping an old dresser of some ugly red paint which proved to be harder than expected. But an afternoon  on the back deck in the sun and good weather = awesome
  • Relaxing on Saturday night
  • Up early for an 8 mile run in which we never felt good but got through it
  • Over to an awesome plant store on Ashland that a coworker told me about
  • Purchased three plants that I hope to keep alive for a few weeks anyways
  • Stopped a grocery store to get food for the week....less going out would be less enjoyable but probably smarter
  • Enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of napping, Cubs, West Wing and the Bears
So that's it. 

I'm super super excited to be a part of a RailsRumble team which will be happening in a few weeks. And that's all. Here we go with Monday. ... ok that took me more like 12 minutes, but you can't put a time limit on great writing...wait this isn't great writing. Shit. 

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Scott said...

no this is great writing. I love reading your chicago weekend updates. You've started many blogs with 'Best weekend ever' as I've started many with 'Best sail ever'. Great to be alive and excited about, well. . . , being ALIVE.