Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fabulous Close out to 29!

Last night Jason took me out to dinner at Mia Franchesca. If you live in Chicago I highly recommend this place. It's on Clark just north of School, on the East side of the street. It was fantastic. We had a bottle of wine, a salad and then I had the salmon and Jason had some gnocci. I mentioned to the waiter that it was my birthday and so he brought us over some Lemoncello as a toast to my 20s. We went home and played Rock Band which was my present from Jason which is awesome. I have noticed that as I get older my presents get noticeably younger...which is awesome and one way to keep the young spirit alive. Don't say awesome. Awesome. 

A big thank you to all the friends and family that sent cards and presents. Bridgette sent me some awesome shoes that I'm really excited about. Anyways. Here's to 30. 


Scott said...

Leah -
AWESOME! Glad you had a great night. What's Rock Band?
Go CUBS! Die Dreaded Mets!

Runner Susan said...

Happy Birthday!

Firefly's Running said...

Happy Birthday. Jason has great taste - gotta love gnoochi!