Thursday, September 11, 2008

The End of the Path

Yesterday evening Jason and I planned to test out this whole biking thing that seems to be taking some people by storm. So after getting home, pumping the tires on the bike and getting our super cool looking helmets on we headed out. We have heavy mountain bikes so probably not the best for any kind of long distance biking but good enough to get an idea. We biked to the lakefront path and then continued north. All of a sudden we saw signs on Lakeshore Drive for Hollywood Blvd and I was all, "Holy ass we are far north" Of course....this isn't that much farther North than our current location. So we probably did about 9 miles (I forgot to hit the Garmin for the first mile or so). Not very far, but it's not nothing so that's good I guess. It's hard to ride those bikes far cause they are so heavy and are in dyer need for a tuneup and blah blah. But fun to get farther in a workout. The end of the path is funny as there is a sign that literally says, "This is the end of the path" There is a little roundabout and it's back south. 

After biking we put our bikes in the basement of our apartment building (so nice to be able to have those out of our apartment) and ran into our apartment, grabbed a grocery list and sweatshirts and headed back out to go to the store. We ended up being able to buy everything we needed for three meals and walked back home. We got home at about 8:05 and were able to shower and cook dinner by 8:35. It's so much easier to cook in our new place as there is counter space and it's a nice area to be in. Planning on cooking a lot more in the coming days (years?). It will help to already have groceries purchased and so that will be done this weekend. 

Tonight the cousin is coming over for dinner which should be fun. I am looking forward to showing her our new place. 

This week I am running the stand up meetings at work (not a big deal) and I need to conclude with something fun...or funny....hmm......wonder what to say. 

Tomorrow we are going to try and run in the morning as Jake and LaurA! are coming over to play on Friday night which should be way fun. A big congrats to Jake as his talk got accepted at a big Ruby Conference. 

Alright, thus we proceed to Thursday. 


Scott said...

Leah, I too rode all the way to hollywood when living on Melrose. I was listening to some sort of radio I had rigged on the bike (this is 1973 or so). I remember it being a great ride, getting to Hollywood and thinking, "Damn. . . it's a long ride back"!

Girl on Top said...

It's nice that you can walk over to the store and grab groceries. I need to do that more, but sometimes driving is just a lot easier.

NursAdrn said...

Stick with that bike until you realize that it is making your running faster. Something we triathlete people have figured out.