Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forgetting Pushups. Genius Playlists, Running Again & Speedy Starbucks

Hmm...let's do that list backwards shall we. 

So there is a Starbucks a block from my job and I frequent them twice a day for my triple grande non-fat latte...remember when I gave up caffeine? Yeah I'm so over that. Anyways in the mornings the line is so super long but they have someone asking for your order and then telling the baristas what you pay and then your drink is on the counter. Anyways it's just a nice deal as no one really wants to wait for their coffee....AND I'm guessing cranky morning customers is the last thing that the Starbucks people want. Alright, well that is a lot less interesting than I thought it would be. Moving on. 

Yesterday Jason and I got home and did a simple 3 mile run. But as it was so super beautiful out, we went the long way and finished our run at about the lakefront path and Irving Park and so we had a bit of a walk home, which was ok as like I said, it was beautiful out. Next week starts our full on training for the Miami marathon. Jason is probably going to the Cubs game tonight (my family has an extra ticket...but as I got to go to a game a few weeks ago and he didn't I think it's his turn). So I don't know if he'll be able to run today. So we could move our runs to tomorrow, Friday and Saturday....(We are going to do our long run on Saturday as we have a party on Saturday night, and I'm just assuming I won't be in a running place on Sunday...however I also have a conference on Saturday...SO it will have to be a very early 7 miles). Speaking of the Cubs. How freakin' awesome have they been lately. The magic number is down to 4. 

I updated my iTunes and iPhone yesterday (there was some heartache because I tried to do it in the morning before I left, got impatient and just unplugged it before it was finished......if you do that apparently you have to restore it to factory settings. Boo.) Anyways, there is this new genius feature which is a lot like Pandora (or I have heard LastFM from a coworker) where you give it a song and it generates a playlist of songs that are related. It uses your own music though so there is no chance for discovering new music which makes Pandora so cool. However if you are like me, and tend to listen to one album over and over again, you do get to discover new music that you already have in your music library :-). I am testing it out on my iPhone and I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with it. 

On Monday we were supposed to start the 100 pushups plan......yeah we just totally forgot. Some wine, some beers at Sheffields, some Monday Night Football, some more wine and the pushups just got lost. 

Alright, so we go on to Wednesday....that means tomorrow is Thursday and we are past the 1/2 way mark.


Laura said...

The last time I updated my iPhone (the old one) it took FOR-EV-ER and I totally freaked out because it said something like it was erasing it. But I put my trust in Apple and all was restored!

Have you tried the Urbanspoon application yet? It's awesome for people who can't decide where to go when going out to eat! (Yes, that would be me.)

lifestudent said...

You do TWO TRIPLE lattes a day? Ok, I feel pretty good now. The most I do is two grandes (so two doubles) and during the whole pregnancy I never get more than a 1/2 caf (sometimes decaf even).

You must spend a lot of your time pretty wired ;)

Scott said...

HEy, put in Town of Elpaso and see what other songs genius picks!

Good training!


Girl on Top said...

I love Pandora. I have found some of my favorite songs on there!