Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Long Weekend & Back on Running Train

This weekend we went to Fort Wayne to attend Jason's grandfather's funeral. It was a very long traditional Catholic deal and very somber although also very respectful and nice. The flower on the right was one that was in the arrangement that was on top of the coffin.

I have to admit that as a person who is not religious in nature, the guy that spoke at the Vigil concluding the viewings on Sunday night was *wonderful*. He really did a nice job talking about Al and brought things around to astronomy (Carl Sagan even!) and other things that he really liked and helped define him as a man. It was nice to walk away with something from that even if what I took wasn't a religious thing but rather just a better feeling. So I guess a kudos to Jim Fitzpatrick.

Jason went up earlier than his brothers since we don't have any thing going on like those two boys do. We made a big pot of chili for dinner on Saturday night and there are a ton of leftovers for his parents to munch on this week so that's good. In the same way as my Dad I guess.....just go early and help where you can.

We got back late last night and are looking forward to getting through this week and a relaxing weekend at home.

In other news we went running on Friday night. It's exactly one mile from our door to the lake front path. We did about 3.5 miles. It's *so* great being close to the path again. On the walk home we went to the Walgreen's on Broadway and Belmont. We used to live just about next door to this Walgreen's and back then there was a cashier that worked there that was awesome. Her name was Maurine and she might be a little crazy but we loved her all the same. Turns out she still works there which was awesome to find out.

We also ran for 30 minutes in Ft. Wayne on Sunday morning which was really nice as well. We have a plan to get our asses back into gear this week. We are going to run about 3.5 tonight and then also start adding in some biking just for some nice cross training. We might take our bikes to Kozy's tomorrow to get some real pedals and some bike shoes so that it would be a bit easier to start adding distance on the bikes. We have mountain bikes that are fairly nice and will be fine to get around the city and start some cross training. We always have big talk about biking though so we'll see what happens.

Alright, and it's Tuesday. So here we go.

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