Friday, October 05, 2007

Uh...It's Friday

Well kids. Sunday we have this "marathon" to run.


I have been so busy with work stuff that I haven't been up to my usual 8 posts a day that usually grace this blog the week before the marathon. Good on one hand because I haven't really had time to freak out or get too worked up about it. Bad on the other since...well i haven't analyzed every step of the race :-)

Today I will be giving the biggest presentation so far in my graduate student career. I'm presenting my analysis to the entire collaboration (well...of course not all 600 people will be there, but it's available for anyone to go to). I am hoping to have it approved for the conference I am going to next week.

That's the other thing...uh yeah....Jason is defending his thesis a week from today and we leave for Germany a week from tomorrow. Right then.

I have tons of work to do for the conference, including finishing up the analysis note and working on the presentation since I have to give a practice talk by Thursday of next week. So the race is just another thing on my dance card this week.

Oh...and the weather is up to a high of 88 and mostly sunny on Sunday. Sigh. Given that it's two days away now, it's looking like it's going be a hot one. So everyone running be careful out there! I know (believe me) it's frustrating after training for 18 weeks and doing everything as right as you can only to have the only thing you can't control come and bite you in the ass.

Good Luck Everyone! Most of all HAVE FUN!!!


Jake Scruggs said...

Good luck on the race, presentation and hanging out with the Germainians. I'm always impressed by how much you manage to pack into your lives.

Rock on.

Bob said...

Good luck with your presentation. It's funny I was talking to A this morning and I said exactly the same thing about working so hard and then getting a bad day. But nothing is set in stone until you toe that line. Fingers crossed and good luck.

Thomas said...

Good Luck to the two of you, too! Both for the marathon and the real life stuff.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Good luck on Sunday!

Kendra said...

Good luck with both the marathon AND the talk!

Fran said...

Good luck to both of you and Leah if you're going for it, good luck with the BQ attempt.

Firefly's Running said...

Nice seeing you guys earlier at the expo. Good luck and see you Sunday night at the party.