Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gone Gone Gone

This morning my dad and stepmom left to go back to their boat which is Luperon, in the Dominican Republic. They have been here since the beginning of September and although our apartment is a wee bit small for 4 people it was great having them here. They were September saviors when our life was crazier than I don't know what, helping us with food and cleaning and whatever. So thanks again to them. I'll miss them but I am going to go and try and visit them in BVI and then they will be back to see my defend whenever that happens. Thanks again kids.

Speaking of my dad....he's an author! He wrote a book called The Why Book of Sailing which is now available to buy at any Borders, Barnes & Nobles or Amazon of course. For anyone out there that likes to sail and have sometimes asked, "Wait why does this work..." or any other questions you have had while out there this is the book for you. My dad was a high school physics teacher for 20+ years and has been sailing for about....I guess a bit under 10 years now. It's written in a very funny and conversationalist manner. So everyone go buy it!

With them gone, the apartment of course feels a bit bigger...but way a lot quieter. Since I am working at home from now on mostly I am going to have to find things to do during the days so I don't go crazy stuck in this apartment. Today we'll start with a nice 4 milish run around the hood...that's right kids....getting back into the thick of it.

I am actually getting more and more upset about the marathon. At the time, I was so busy, I knew the weather was going to be bad ahead of time, but knew that in 5 days we were leaving to go to Bloomington for Jason's defense and then going to straight to Germany so I didn't really have time to worry about it.

So the question has been asked, well why not run another one soon and try and qualify before the deadline.

Because I don't fucking want to. Ok. That's too harsh. Of course I want to run another marathon. But I had put most of my summer time and energy and effort into training for THIS race and I was, I think, in the best shape of my life. I don't know how easy it's going to be to go from two weeks off back into blasting through a 22 mile run like it's nothing and get back into race shape mentally and physically. So I'm frustrated.

Qualifying in Chicago, running Boston in April of 2008 was all part of my life plan. Yes I plan too far ahead. Now I'm not old....but I'm not exactly young....and Jason have been waiting to start a family since we were married (over 3 years ago)...waiting for better jobs & insurance...waiting for me to qualify...waiting for it to be a "better time". When is it ever a perfect time. For the next 10 years of my life I can see things that will always be...well if we wait just one more year...then what..then you are just waiting another year.

I'm not saying that we are running out to have kids right now, because that's not necessarily true, but it's just been talked about more lately. I am going to start running again and see how the legs feel. We'll see. Either way, marathoning is in my life to stay and it's just a matter of how fast marathoning will become :-) Hell if things feel good and miles fall off easily I'm going to look for a race in 6 weeks (or at least right before the cutoff) to do.

Fucking 90 degree marathon. Damn.


Running Jayhawk said...

They left?!? :( Already??

I still owe your dad dinner. Let us know how the 4 miler goes!

Bob said...

A mad Leah......look out. You know where I stand on this, finish your plan.
Welcome home glad you had such a nice break.

Kristi said...

You're where I was last year at this time. I so wanted to run Boston last spring, and I was so sure that Chicago last fall was my qualifying race...but alas, it didn't work out as I planned. It was really hard to let go of Boston in my 20s, but I figure why force it? Eventually, if my speed stays consistent, Boston will come to me.
Boston will always be there, there's nothing that says you have to run it as a young woman, and who knows, it might mean more to you later in your life.

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, you have the potential for Boston. Just don't give up!

Fran said...

I can sympathize. I'm feeling the same way about not BQ'ing this year, but that's part of the process of BQing.

Your body won't forget the hard training it put in this year meaning that it'll be easier next year.

Nicole said...

first, I think it is awesome your dad is an author.

second - you inspire me to run. I wish the weather gods would have corporated with you, but you did finish a race in unbelievable conditions. I'm also a planner and wish things always worked out the way they were suppose to. Try not to worry too much - you will have beautiful kids and run Boston when the time is right.

Scott said...

By the way Leah, you don't have to 'run out and have kids'. You can stay in!

Ryan said...

This is great. I have a connection to someone who can teach me how to publish a book. Best wishes on that, Leah's Dad. I'm really impressed.

We're all pissed about the marathon. I was in the best shape of my life also. In the end, I am confident it will make you hungrier for the next attempt. You will nail it.