Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Calming Down



I feel way more relaxed today. At some point one has to go ... I've done what I can do, and thus that is that. I've put the training in for the race. I can't change Chicago weather but it will be what it will be and stressing about it won't change. I've worked hard on my analysis....if it doesn't get through....it doesn't.

The talk on Friday should be ok. It's a much more main talk than the usual talks I give because it is for the whole experiment (well those who show up) and not just my little comfortable physics group.

So that's that.

Focus on a good race. I kind of have a plan for the race but I'm sure more will go into that as the days pass.

The Cubs are in the playoffs. And yes Bob....don't want to talk about the Bears. But I gotta say...anything can happen in a Bears/Packers game so I wouldn't get too comfortable up north. Maybe the Packers will do the nice choke job that your Brewers did.

6 mile recovery tonight.


Bob said...

ohhhhh ouch Leah that is hitting below the belt.:-)
The Brewer Choke job, yea that was brutal, very brutal. And believe me I am far from comfortable. But i need to get my chirps in now because your teams have been killing me lately.
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

lifestudent said...

I go through waves of panic as well. And I am not looking at the weather. From what I remember, there is an expected cooldown after Sunday ... which I am counting on suprising me by coming one day early. (Just as long as I dont think too much about it!)