Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stuck in Transit

Well well much as I love to travel....not so much the getting home.

We are currentlz waiting in a train station in Hamburg (citz of nothing to do....literallz walked from one end of town to the other todaz......the 'y' and the 'z' are flipped on the German keyboard I am using....and saw everzthing there was to see).

So we got to the train station at about 5:30pm for a 9:18 (thinking there might be somethign to do....but it's similar to the city) train back to Berlin...where we will then make our way to the airport to wait for our flight at 6:05...then a one hour flight to Amsterdam...then a 3 hour layover....then a 7 hour flight...THEN we'll be if zou were counting, we are currently about 20 hours away from Chicago.

Alright time to give the Dr. Jman a turn on the computer....a mean 90 minutes awaz from our train departure.

Leah...signing off and dreaming of dreaming.


Russ said...

congrats on surviving the conf., berlin does indeed rock, and hamburg does indeed the opposite....i lived in germany for 2 years and after about 3 months i sent home for a us keyboard because i had so many typos...though the internet cafes alwazs got me...if you have time in the ams airport there is a pretty cool art museum and a casino

Firefly's Running said...

Have a safe flight. Have fun in Amsterdam. We will hopefully heading that way in the winter. Can not wait to hear about the details from the trip.