Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday Run

Yesterday we planned to go about 7 miles, going a little further down the lakefront path than we did last week. We ran at about 6pm and now that the winter months are coming the light in the evening is going. It was fully dark when we left, but it was a really beautiful run along the lake. We run south from our house so our view along the lake is downtown Chicago with all the building lit up. It's really an amazing sight. We ran to the North Ave bridge and then meandered our way back through the neighborhood. Amazingly enough we didn't get stopped at any lights which was nice.

We did about 25 miles last week which is a nice increase from the week before, and from the weekly distances that we kept last winter.

We only found one problem with running home from the train and that was all the stop lights along the way. On wednesday it felt that we had gotten stopped at all of them. This week we will extend these runs a little bit and run east to the lake, and then home along the lakefront path. It gets very annoying when you finally get a rhythm going to have to stop at a light. So this should increase our weekly distance thise week, but this is all we will add as I don't want to do too much too fast and get myself hurt.

Here are the up to date graphs of our progress.


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Thomas said...

I love your graphs - very detailed! As for your training, personally I would increase the mileage a bit quicker than you're doing, but then again, it's better to err on the side of caution.
Good luck with the training!

LeahC said...

Hi Thomas-

Well we just finished the chicago marathon 5 weeks ago, so we are trying to come back slowly. We are running the Indianapolis 1/2 marathon in May and so are gearing up to start seriously training for that in a couple months. Thanks for reading.