Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fort Wayne Long Run

We spent the weekend at Jasons' parent's house in Fort Wayne, IN to celebrate Thanksgiving since we will be going to my aunt's house on Thursday (by the way, this is by far my favorite holiday of the much delicious food!)

We didn't run on Friday or Saturday to give our poor shins a bit of a break. We did walk to the gym on Friday evening and lifted some weights and as Jason likes to say, got big and huge. Today then we ran ~9.3 miles (!). Putting our weekly total at about 28 miles. You can see the charts below that show our progress since the marathon and we have been adding distance each week but I feel we are now getting to a point where we can sit for awhile. I would like to be consistant at 30 miles per week until we start seriously training for our next big race which will be the Indianapolis 1/2 Marathon on May 6th. I would also like our longs runs to be consistant at 10 miles. So we are just about there. Don't know if this will happen next week because of the big family bash in Frankfort Indiana, but we will try and get them all in.

By the way. Frankfort's high school mascot is the Hot Dogs

The Frankfort Hot Dogs......I couldn't even make this up!


Andrea said...

Have you run the Indy Mini before? That was my first half marathon, and nothing will ever compare.. :)

LeahC said...

I have run the Indy mini once before and it also was my first half marathon. It was such an incredible experience and I'm totally looking forward to running it again. It was the race that kind of got Jason and I more serious about running so it will be fun to go back when I maybe know what i'm doing....a little bit...ok not at all but still :-)

ShoreTurtle said...

The Frankfort Hot dogs? That's too funny to be true. My high school's mascot was the kicking mules. The Hot dogs sounds so much better!

Susan said...

oh dear - the Hot Dogs? I was the Franklin Central Flashes. Ha.

Did you find anything else to do in Fort Wayne? Isn't it close to Chicago?

LeahC said...

Not much else to do in the ole' Fort. Hubby had to do these computer shifts during the day so we were pretty much stuck indoors. We did go to see Harry Potter 4 on Saturday night which was EXCELLENT! Then Bears football on Sunday afternoon after the run. I did make chili for everyone which went over really well so that's always good.

Fort Wayne isn't too far from us here in Chicago, maybe about 3 hours our so.