Sunday, November 06, 2005

4 Weeks Later

Today is 4 weeks after the Chicago marathon. Wow, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I think that running that race has made a huge impact on my life and has absolutly changed the way I want to live it. Jason and I have already planned on running 4 races next year instead of just two and we will be taking a much more intense attitude toward the training by incorporating speed/hill work and in general running more miles per week.

Today was also the NYC marathon and we went out for our 6 mile run and was thinking about all the excitement that must be happening 1000 miles east of us. Remember standing and just waiting for the race to start and looking at all the people around us. Crazy. We have been following a fellow debut marathoner in his quest to run a marathon and was running the NYC marathon today. I just checked the tracker and he finished in 4:43. Congrats Danny!

Our 6 mile run followed roughly this route. We ended at the Jewel though instead of our apartment because we needed a few things for our traditional big Sunday breakfast. We tried to run this route about a week and a half after the marathon and made it about 3 miles. Felt awesome today however and finished with my usual little sprint :-) I have been listening to music again via my ipod shuffle and realized how much I missed it while training for the marathon. Although I do think it's imporant to get out there and listen to nature and your feet hitting the pavement, I also think it's way fun to get Jon Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart jammin in your ears.

This week we will attempt our running home from the train station and was happy to get through 6 miles today since we will need to do that tuesday and wednesday. Here are some plots from the week tracking our progress, these can also been seen under the Running Progress link on the upper right.


Susan said...

I love my ipod too. It doesn't see like Chicago was only 4 weeks ago. My legs are still wobbly, wasn't it just yesterday.

I like your charts - I need to come up with something like that. Do you use a garmin?

LeahC said...


No, I don't have a garmin but I saw the charts that it would produce and so I tried to come up with similar ones using excel. You can do a thing in that program that says "save as webpage" and then it makes a folder that has all the charts in it as gifs.

Danny said...

Yeah me!! lol...

Thanks for following me. I'll be posting the recap soon.

(And yes, those are cool graphs. I may have to reconfigure my own excel spreadsheet.)