Friday, November 18, 2005


Yesterday we ran at Fermi Lab again and I had a lot of pain on the outside of my shins. This is so annoying because of course I can still run forward but it was really painful. I get this often and lots of times it starts to happen when my shoes start to go. I am wearing Asics 2100's and there is probably only about 150 miles on them, which is not a lot. So I am wondering if it is bothering me because I have been adding miles very quickly...?

We ran about .75 miles and then stopped to stretch which always helps for about a .25 miles after that. The pain does eventually stop though so I was able to get through the run without have to walk or stopping to stretch again.

We will probably not run today or tomorrow to give our legs a bit of a break. We are going to Fort Wayne, IN to visit Jason's parents for thanksgiving and so we will run on Sunday morning around there. We will try and walk to the gym tonight though and work out. We'll see as it will depend on what time we want to leave for Indiana.

Last night we went to see Saw 2 with some memeber of our volleyball team. oh man was it scary! I am such a sucker for horror flicks and this one lived up to it's predecesor. Good twist and scary scenes.....eeek. (i totally checked the backseat of my car before we got in to drive home...hahahaha)


Scott said...

Hey kids...Love the running blog and I feel your pain about the cold. Down into the 30's these nights on an unheated, uninsulated boat! Brrrrrrr...

Leah I think at about 150 miles you need to rotate your shoes and wear left on right and visa versa like tires on a car. Try it!


Thomas said...

150 miles seems to be too soon for the shoes to be worn out. Have a rest day, ice your shin (this works wonders for me), then see how it goes.

Kendra said...

When I went to sleep on Thursday, I was sure I'd wake up in some hidden Fermilab bathroom somewhere, chained to the wall with a saw in the corner...the movie definitely got to me. Anyway, I like your blog! I'll link you from mine.