Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Carting Books

I am trying to find an easy way that Jason and I could get our books home from the train station while running (as per my commuting idea talked about below). I found this little pack online and it might be just right since it sits on your lower back, but it is small. Would it hold two small paperbacks even?

It will be quite the change to carry anything because we have never carried fuel belts or anything like that. The other idea I had would be to find shirts that are similar (or exactly) like the ones bikers wear that have the big pocket in the lower back, used usually I am assuming to hold food and what not. I am wondering if the size of this pocket however is the perfecct size for a paperback.

Any other suggestions?


Scott said...

Maybe you reserve the books you want on these days to "page turners". Then you tear out about 20-30 pages and just carry those. Toss 'em after you read em!

Think about it!

LeahC said...

oooh, that's interesting! that could work.