Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's been awhile

Well, just need to update what's been going on with the runnin' even though I don't really want to. Jason and I went on a 10 day vacation that had stopping points at Niagara Falls, Cooperston, NY for the baseball hall of fame, New York City and finally philadelphia. So we tried to get all of our runs in, but didn't really succeed. We did run a couple times and I would say did about 35 miles total. We tried to do a 16.5 mile run while in Cooperstown, but wait what happens when you don't really eat anything all day, don't drink any water, sit in a car for 7 hours previously.....you don't run 16.5 miles. We did walk run the whole distance though, so at least got that in. We stopped at a restaurant for water because we were dying, and then also at a motel on the way back.

We did walk our freakin legs off though on the trip, so it's not like we just sat around and at pringles. We did 3.5 yesterday and felt "ok". We have the day off today and then we'll be on it for the nex three days.

This Sunday brings an 18 mile run, so we'll just have to see how that goes.

Here is a nice/nasty picture of Jason's black toe.....EWWWWW. This is what happens when you train for a marathon....needless to say i am keeping my toes off the blog!

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