Monday, August 08, 2005 post got eaten so here's version #2

Wednesday I had to run by myself after Leah hurt her ankle. This was, to say the least, an interesting experience. I hadn't run by myself in over a year.

So I got dressed and stretched and all that stuff and then it was time to start...

and it was weird. I just thought, "okay, I guess I start now." It was just very strange starting myself, by myself. But I got started and then I became very concerned about my running. It wasn't a short run, 8 miles, so I didn't want to start out too fast. I was very concerned about my pace and then it seemed that my steps were too loud...things I never normally worry about.

Very strange stuff. I really prefer to run with Leah. I kept seeing things that I wanted to share with her, but she was stuck at home. Sure, it's nice to have things to tell her, but I just wish she could see them too. Like the father running while his daughter rode her bike next to him. That is something that Leah used to do with her dad and is something she would have appreciated.

But, anyway, I made it. It was hot and my legs were heavy, but I made it. I went waveland to the lake, lake out to the 6 mile marker, and then all the way back to Clark. I figured that was at least 8 miles. I'm glad to know that I can keep going on my own, though. I prefer to have a running partner, but I can live without one.

On Friday I ran again - 3.5 miles. Nothing much to report except some shin pain which I iced. It is a little easier to run alone when it is a short run. Less to worry about.

Today we get to run again! 3.5 miles, but an important 3.5 miles. This is Leah's triumphant return from the sidelines.

Cross your fingers.


Anonymous said...

How much do you eat after a long run, say, 10+ miles? The longest I've ever gone is 8 miles, and after a few days of that, mixed in with shorter runs, I'm constantly hungry. Even eating a lot, I lose weight... What about you?

LeahC said...

Actually we eat constantly. I think it's normal to be hungry all the time if you are running longer distances. I believe that roughly for every mile you run, you burn about 100 calories. So if you are running 8 miles, that's 800 calories. So you need to make sure you eat enough to make up for that loss.

As far as what we eat after a long run, anything I can get my hands on. I think that you are supposed to try and eat something that has protein and carbs in it to replenish what your body just lost during the run.