Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Office

Not the TV show....rather our office at home. It's looking like it's about halfway done. It's been funny reading peoples blogs and twitters when they talk about moving. It's such a horrible process and everyone thinks they own too much stuff and there is always this feeling of we'll never have enough boxes. My cousin gave us a ton of small boxes but not many large or medium sized ones. I don't know how she moved her stuff, but she owns way less than I do I guess. So Jason and I ran over to Home Depot last night at 9pm to buy some larger sized boxes. If you saw a girl in a ratty IU t-shirt and some rockin' pink shorts, that was me. 

We are being very good about throwing stuff away, but there are just some things that I'm like...hmm....would I care if I let this go? No, but that doesn't mean I want to let it go. But I hate owning stuff....so anyways, it's annoying. We need to get the office completely emptied then we can move some boxes back into there to get it out of the dining room. Dawn mentioned that professional movers take the boxes first so I'm going to call them and find out if that is in fact the case because if it is we are closer than we thought. 

Tonight we are going to pick up the keys for the new place. We are wondering if they are just giving us keys or if they are giving us keys if the old tenant has moved out...in which case....well we can go sleep on the floor in our new place :-). I'm so excited to get out of our old place. I just wish it be over already. I'm always a nervous wreck on moving days....but this might be easier as we have professional movers and so hopefully most everything is done so I can step back and just watch the moving magic happen. 


Lana said...

Moving is always so excited, but draining as well. Good luck!!

Firefly's Running said...

This moving really sucks. Personally I can not wait until it's done. It's so exciting to get the keys to the new place. Have fun this weekend.