Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Weekend...But Sad Ending

This weekend Jason and I headed to Fort Wayne where his parents threw us a big PhD graduation party. They invited so many people including a lot of Jason's teachers from middle and high school (Jason's dad is a teacher at the school Jason went to so knows all of these people). It was fun to meet all of them. So a big thank you to them. Also want to thank Lisa, Evin, Mike and Barb for making the trek from Chicago to help celebrate. 

Our best friend Joe and his new girlfriend Heather also came. Every time I have seen Joe lately it has been a lot of..."Hey, yeah I'm tired. What's up." So it was so great to see him with all the stress melted away. We all stayed in Fort Wayne on Saturday night and enjoyed a big ihop breakfast on Sunday morning. 

After breakfast we headed back over to Jason's parents house where we found that Jason's grandfather had taken a bad turn. Jason's mom talked with one of her brothers and it was decided that he go into hospice care as his quality of life has deteriorated enough that it's time to make that decision. It's looking like we will back in Fort Wayne in the next few days. So a sad Sunday.

We stayed for awhile in Fort Wayne to help out as much as we could but then decided we had to get home as our packing needed to be an expedited process as we don't know what's going to happen in the next week. We got home around 5pm and just decided to not cook anything this week and so we packed up the entire kitchen. We left out a couple of plates and bowls and glasses but other than that everything is in a box and broken down. We have put everything into the dining room which as I was looking at last night I was realizing was probably a bad decision as you can't get to our furniture in the living room. SO. I think once we get the office packed (tonight and tomorrow) we can move all the boxes into there and then there will be a path for the furniture to get back out of the house. Getting the kitchen done was a huge step. The office is still a *disaster* but that should be done soon as well and then I think we'll be just about good to go which is nice. I'm starting to get really nervous because I haven't heard back from the dude that I am supposed to get the keys from so I've got to give him a call back and hopefully get a hold of him. 

So that's what's going on here. Kinda a lot and just hoping the week isn't *too* stressful. 


Dawnie said...

If you're using professional movers, they'll take all the boxes out first before the furniture, so you may not have to move the boxes after all. Either way, good luck with your move! I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather - I hope he's OK this week so you guys can get into the new place with minimal stress.

Scott said...

Just think. . . a week from Sunday you can curl in your new place and watch the Bears/Cubs. Won't be long now!

Firefly's Running said...

Professionl movers really know their stuff.

Sending prayers to Jason's family.