Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Apartment Needs Stuff

We all know that stuff is bad. Ok, maybe I just think stuff is bad. I don't even think it's bad, but I'm three days out of a move and so right now all the stuff is sitting in my dining room and I'm wondering what would happen if I took a match to it and walked out...well I mean assuming that just the stuff burned and not the apartment as I'm not really looking to add that piece of crazy to my resume. 

But aside from just the stuff we own, our new apartment is a lot bigger, including a second full bedroom and bathroom. By full bedroom I mean not these closet sized bedrooms we have been utilizing (...uh....utilizing...really I used that word?) for the past 8 years or so. In fact we think it's going to be big enough for some queen sized mattresses along with our office furniture...but might be a bit tight......WAIT! We have queen sized mattresses that are really uncomfortable. If we move those to the second bedroom...we would have to get new mattresses that are clouds. 

On Tuesday we went to the apartment to get the keys and the apartment is all ready for us to move in. I wish they would have really known that it was going to be ready because then we could have moved on Saturday. After just sitting in the apartment for about an hour we walked around our new hood with huge smiles plastered on our faces. We walked by a mattress store and we decided to see what they had going on. Of course I'm brilliant (I mean I do have PhD you know) and I laid on the most expensive mattress first. You know what the means right? Every other mattress in the store sucks ass. So we laid on a bunch of them and tried out the memory foam ones and some other types. Finally we settled on a pillow top type thing that had all that kind of foam stuff in it. It was really comfortable and when we got home we wondered how we could have ever slept on our current mattress. The place we got the mattress was called Sleep City right on Clark just south of Belmont. The owner's name is Charlie and so far I would highly recommend the place. Charlie was really nice and owned that store and another Sleep City on Diversey. We could have had the mattress whenever we wanted but as our bed frame won't be there still Sunday we have to wait till Monday. 

We also have a second bathroom and so will need to get bathroom stuff in there and so we looked around Linens' and Things. Kinda wish my mom was up here from Florida to help pick out stuff. I think she would get as psyched up as me about little things like shower curtain hooks (yes I might be one of those people). Understandably most people do not....but I suppose most mothers and daughters do. She is going to come to Chicago for Mother's day in the spring though and help us get some flowers and stuff for our back porch. 

Our apartment is almost completely packed up and ready to go, which is awesome and terrifying. We are going to take our electronics over to the new place before the move I think and I'm going to call the movers today and see if there is *any* way we can move our move up from Sunday to Saturday. I'm sure we can't, but I might as well ask. 

Alright. How about that for a ramblin' post. Stay tuned for our next installment when we talk about how we are pretty sure we are going to join a gym similar to Average Joe's in Dodgeball.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous I miss Chicago! Where are you guys moving to? Hope the move goes smooth.

Laura said...

Sounds like it's all coming together. Good luck with your move! I'm going to be in your fantastic city this weekend so would you mind ordering good weather for me? The last few times I've been there it's been mother cold (January or November) or freakishly hot (Marathon last year). Looking forward to heading to the beach and stuff!

Firefly's Running said...

I hope your move was very smooth as ours. Can not wait to see pics of the new place.