Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking Better

Well Ok, obviously, this beautiful newness wasn't all me. It was time to finally get a new template, although from there I was able to make some good changes (just say they are good). I'll just keep it here for now and as I learn more or whatever maybe I'll keep changing it, for now though I think it's good and I like the new simple look.

Yesterday was just a typical Monday morning. The new apprentice started and so I'm not longer the newest employee...even if it is only by a week. I finished reading the HTML book and I'm moving onto some Rails/Ruby stuff as well as starting to work with a dude on updating the design on the Obtiva website.

After work Jason and I walked home like we like to do. The plan was to run to Powells to sell some books as they said their buyer would be there after 4:30. I told Jason to call to make sure as it's not in our neighborhood....he did and apparently the buyer left at 5pm. WTF. Apparently this magical buy will be back on Wednesday and will be there all day. Those books that Powells doesn't buy we'll take to the most excellent used book store on Clark and Wellington(?). Last time he just took all the left overs we had and gave us some cash. Nice guy.

Tonight I have a phone conference with one of my thesis committee members to go through the corrections to my thesis. My goal to have it submitted by Friday. I finished up some other things for theAdviser last night for the publication and so maybe this could start to be the end of all that stuff.....we'll see.....it's seemingly always something else.

Jason packed up all the CDs and DVDs last night and so we are getting there, one step at a time. We also decided to cancel our Comcast cable as they are super expensive and wouldn't give us the triple play deal even though we were moving....which I don't understand. In our new neighborhood we can get RCN so we did that and got DVR added on as well as The Big10 Network, and the NFL network so that should be fun.....although IU is going to be super crappy in bball this year....so maybe not the year to have it.

Alright, well on to Tuesday...or 13 day before we are out of this crappy apartment (I already feel bad for my future children as I know they are going to be all, "MOM I KNOW ABOUT THAT CRAPPY APARTMENT. Why do we have to drive by it again? We know we know...you didn't have any money and now you think it's funny".) Alright, LeahC out.


Ryan Platte said...

The changes are indeed good. Now I have to make my blog less ugly.

Running Jayhawk said...

Oooooh. I like the look. Glad to see the packing is going smoothly so far. :)

Jake Scruggs said...

Like the new look. Re-designing Blogger can be tricky because of their widgets, I found this site helpful:

btw, have you seen my new template?

LeahC said...

hey jake-

thanks! Lots of cool templates over there, I'll have to keep my eye on that.

Bridgette said...

is it really gay or just slightly gay that i totally miss you? :)

LeahC said...

....i think it's slightly gay. and that's ok :-) I miss you too! It was fun having you here...maybe you and the fam should become Chicagoans....YAH!