Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We Aren't Moving...Yet

Well after having beef with our rental agency for the last week, we have decided not to move. They made big steps in attempting to fix the problem yesterday and so we'll see if this work. I am guessing it won't so there will be more tears and yelling and threats of lawyers in the future. Our apartment is pretty cheap and if we stay here we can pay off all of our debt and really start either looking for a condo or another apartment come September 1st, depending on how much money we can save and depending on what kind of job I get....which will be coming up soon as I plan on starting to write my thesis soon. I have the template for it already...now I just need to fill it in with more than my title page and name :-)

Yesterday, I went for a 5 mile run and since I have to fit in the fancy dress in two weeks I have changed the weekly plan to try and run 5-6 miles every day with a long run on Sunday. I know this is ridiculous, but I just don't feel as guilty eating the Jalapeno Artichoke dip from Dominicks if I had a longish run earlier in the day. Although Thanksgiving is the day of eating and being fat and lazy so I might not run that day :-)

The run yesterday was good. I had sore shins for the first few miles but that went away after that and I had a great finish to the run, coming in nice and strong. I have been running more with music since I am running when Jason is at work and I must say it's a nice change and makes it much less boring. I still prefer the Doc, but we'll get that more organized soon enough. Speaking of the JMan, he got his business cards for his company. Jason R*****, PhD...hell yeah!

Today I am at the lab to give a practice talk for my Candidacy Seminar I have in Bloomington on Monday. This is a talk you are supposed to give about 5 semesters into the PhD...I am 5 years in. They forget about you when you come to Fermilab and given how non-organized I am this is what happens. Now I'll give my defense in about 6 months, which will be almost the same talk, oh well. It's really good so there should be no complaints :-)

Alright, back to making cool motion in iWork08. Let's hope The Advisor thinks all my graphics are cool too and not distracting.


Triseverance said...

Good luck with the apartment issues and your talk on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck. As for the business cards, very cool!

Good luck on the talk!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the apartment and the talks.