Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thought Maybe. Then Not So Much.

Last night I was sitting on the couch and Lucy was doing her usual night time dance routine and all of a sudden I was all, "WHOA, ouch."

I was thinking this is it. This is labor. It's going to happen tonight. Yeah. No. Not so much labor I guess as her just moving around and hitting me in some bad places that caused a lot of pain. What the hell, how am I supposed to know what a contraction is.

So then I was all excited because I kept thinking that it would happen that night.  And again, not so much.

The biggest problem last night was that she would not stop moving, which is totally a good sign, but oh my god she was an animal in there. I couldn't get comfortable in bed, and laid awake for many hours wishing she would go to sleep so that I could as well. So. Not too good of a nights sleep and with me tossing and turning and Lucy beating on my stomach which has Jason's hand on it most night he didn't get much sleep either. I can take a nap of course but I feel really bad because he has a full day of work he has to get through.

It's looking like Jason is almost going to take the entire month of December off. His company gives a week of paid paternity leave (actually it's a week of paid leave for men and woman who have new babies, and then for women the short term disability kicks in) which is awesome and then he has a bunch of vacation saved up, so it's looking like he'll take the next eight days off as well. So this is his last week at work for awhile it's looking like.

Today I'm going with my Dad to take a 50 year old teddy bear named Charlie in for surgery. This is my Dad's teddy bear from when he was a kid and we all feel that Lucy should have it. However, Charlie is in critical shape and needs a lot of work and apparently Dad and Sue found a place that restores such things.

So it's Wednesday December 2nd. 5 days at the longest until we meet Lucy. 


Scott said...

Hey, when were out today maybe a nice chicago hot dog at SuperDawg will get things moving!

Annas "Andy" Maleh said...

Hang in there. You can do it. One of my client employees just gave birth yesterday right after she came to work two days ago!

Andy Rieger said...

Sounds like Lucy is pretty happy in there. Take your time, relax, enjoy this extra pregnancy time as a lovely "bonus". No hurry.

Best Wishes,

Your Favorite Brother-in-Law

P.S. This comment has nothing to do with the fact that I guessed 14lb 6oz and Lucy's probably not quite there yet...that is totally a coincidence.

Cindy said...

Way to keep it going Leah. December 3 is THE DAY. No doubt Lucy will be seeing you face to face tomorrow. Whoa Nellie!!! Obviously borrowed that one from Keith Jackson. But I figured you didn't want me to say FUNBLE!!!!!!


Thomas said...

Almost there. Jason being there for the month is awesome - get as much help as you possibly can!