Monday, June 15, 2009

Maternity Running Clothes!

My stepmom sent me some running clothes for preggo ladies and for the first time since this pregnancy started I thought I looked cute when I looked in the mirror. I love love loved the clothes and I'm excited to have more specific running clothes to accommodate my growing belly. The official belly picture (which has really changed in the last week...although it might be the pose + the different shorts) with the usual outfit can be found at smugmug, but I wanted to show off the running clothes here.

Also. I wanted to show off me being crazy because fun is fun and wacky is wacky and I'm both. I think the kid will like it's mother :)


lifestudent said...

Maybe if I had cute maternity running clothes I would have kept running.

Nah. Who am I kidding?

Lana said...

You are the cutest pregnant runner out there! Love it!

It's always a good thing when two Cubs fans AND runners reproduce...just making the world a better place!! Congrats to you and Jason!

Anonymous said...

Not bad for maternity clothes!

chaco sandals said...

Thanks for sharing this, now I have an idea on what to wear when I get pregnant and still wants to run..thanks! :D