Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 Years Ago

We were getting ready to get married! I can't believe that great days was 5 years ago. So much has changed since then, most of all of course is my ever expanding stomach. So happy anniversary JasonR, I can't wait for the next stage of our life together.

Lucy is kicking like a fool these days which is fun although I think people I work with think I'm crazy because sometimes I'll just lean back and start staring at my belly. I think people are like, what is that woman doing. But since it took me so damn long to feel her in the first place I love it and I can't help it!

So you must all remember the shattered iPhone incident. Jason and his nerd boys at his company thought that they could replace the glass with a $22 kit they got off eBay. Since my shattered iPhone was in a way worse state than Jason's iPhone we decided to try mine first and then if it didn't work I'd get a new one and he would still have a functioning phone. Well shockingly it didn't work. I actually thought it would work, but oh well, it's only money right. So after work yesterday we walked acros the street and I got a new iPhone 3Gs. Oh and a case this time. I didn't get the big case because well it was huge, and I don't want the iPhone to turn into a spaceship. But I got some kind of protecting thing for it...hopefully if i drop it the case will break and not the phone this time.

The 3Gs does seem a lot snappier in speed than the 3G. The battery is already proving to last longer, and of course the camera upgrades are great. Plus there is the video camera. Which is fun.

My dad and stepmom are having a good time in Chicago. They are actually looking for a furnished condo to rent (the deal they had looks like it's fallen through). If anyone out there has a lead on such a place please let me know by e-mailing

I took a bunch of pictures of Jason running at the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and you can see them all by going to my smugmug gallery here.


Lydia said...

Have your fam check out a couple of apartment finding services. Apartment People and Homestead Group are some examples. They may not be able to find furnished, but they can rent furniture from Cort or furnish a place pretty cheaply with Ikea. As long as they know what neighborhood (bounded by streets preferably), their price range, and what exactly they want, they can find a place in an afternoon. I also used craigslist pretty extensively, but many of the listing are put out there by apartment brokers and when you call on the listing you wind up making an appointment with a broker anyways. Next time I will probably just shorten the search by calling the apartment brokers directly.

It is very possible for them to find a place to move into Sept 1. We moved into a place 10 days after Toby got a job in Chicago and I had one afternoon to look. I spent the morning shopping in the shoe department at nordstrom because I was in shock. By lunch the shock had turned to panic and I started looking for a place to live.

If they need help let me know, I have moved in the city a couple of times now and I have good idea what to do and what not to do.

Cuckoo said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the last one of it being just the two of you :)