Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iMeow....Meeeeeeeow!....Naughty Kitty

So I've been so flippin busy these last five days and so I'm finally getting around to blogging about an awesome new iPhone app that you should try.

A couple months ago I was talking to my boss and mentioned that a screaming cat is a really funny noise and that I would pay $0.99 for an iPhone app that would make said noises. After that I started working on it in the studio and this past Friday it was accepted in the app store. First try too!

A big thanks to Turner, Nate, Jake and Roy for all their help with getting the app up and running and then submitted to the app store. If you are interested in having your own iMeow cat, check out the app here : iMeow (iTunes link)

It's a funny and silly good time. Enjoy!


GeekGirl said...

Oh gosh. I'm going to have to download this thing. Congratulations!

Runner Susan said...


lifestudent said...

I bought it ;)

Bridgette said...

OK, so I totally would buy it except I don't have an iphone - yeah i suck. :)