Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's Happening Now?

Well just a quick break from my vacation reports for a quick what's going on now in the Leah Jason world.

After getting back late on Friday we had a wonderful weekend in the City. It was wierd to be out of our apartment for the three straight weeks and so it made being home so much better. On Saturday we went to pick up the Baby Kitty from my friend who was babysitting her. We call her Aunt Becki as she owns the sibling of our little Dagny. Dagny was spoiled at her Aunt's house (no I'm not a crazy cat lady...yet) as she got fat full food and wet food every other day. At home it was back to Iams dry food...YUM! Saturday night Lisa came over and we had dinner and watched some creepy mysteries on TV. After she left we caught part of the Peyton manning SNL and I have to say that the commerical from the beginning was one of the funniest things I have seen on TV in awhile. I thought the rest of the show was ok, but that first skit took the cake.

On Sunday we went down and watched the Shamrock Shuffle. We had a sign that said, "Shuffle Harder" which I think people thought was funny when they saw us at about mile 2 and less funny when we had moved over to mile 4. Being runners we know that it's fun having people scream for you instead of just standing there and clapping and so we yelled our little hearts out. Nice job runners! After the race we hung out with Mike and Barb for a bit and got to play the Wiiiiiiii, which was beyond fun! They can look forward to us being at their apartment often :-)

The rest of Sunday saw me on the couch as I wasn't feeling too good. And then Monday it was back to work. I have been running a bunch of Monte Carlo jobs (well my advisor has while I have been gone) so I am going through all of them and checking them and making sure that all looks ok.

and today....TODAY people.....Jason and i are going running.

I have made a plan to get us back up to 35 miles a week in the next few monts. We are going to take it slow and steady, so that our bodies will be ready to battle with Pfitz come June. So today, just three miles. I'll post my running schedule here in the next few days.....just to keep me honest.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories from Washington D.C.


Joe said...

> On Sunday we went down and
> watched the Shamrock Shuffle.

It must be fun being on the other side of the fence for once. Did you enjoy watching or did you find yourself wishing that you were in the race?

LeahC said...

great question!

i definently like racing better! I just wanted to jump in the race and go. But I am already totally pumped (and nervous) for the Chicago marathon!

Frank said...

I saw your "Shuffle Harder" sign! :) I totally laughed as I ran past it.

Firefly's Running said...

Leah and Jason, I am glad that you had fun this weekend. Looking forward to see the DC pictures.