Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Reflections on Two Years of Barefoot Running

Reflections on Two Years of Barefoot Running:

This guy runs barefoot. So at first I thought that he must live somewhere warm to do this. Nope. He lives in Kansas City and says that he runs in all weather INCLUDING SNOW!!

That's insane. I have real problem with cold toes in the winter, I can't imagine shedding my shoes. yowza.


partyrunner said...

sheesh. i was just thinking i have to remember how to layer properly as weather cools...certainly not to run barefoot though!

thanks for the comment on my blog. that would actually make perfect sense if the brooks' 6 were narrowed. my foot is in between regular and wide, i even bought the brooks 5 wide before deciding the regular 5's were more comfortable. but if it was narrowed even just a bit, that would explain it....
thanks for your help!

Susan said...

totally insane . . . i must be a weenie cause that sounds unbearable to me.