Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Embrace the snowyness

Jason and i just got back from running. That's right. 2 times this week....well 2 times this week if you start the week at sunday. I usually don't so, ok ok 1 time this week.

But anyways, it went awesome! For the first time in a long time I can say that. We started off pretty slow and after the first half mile or so I just tried to keep everything sprinting if a fast song came on, or slowing way down if I didn't feel perfect. We ran 4.7 miles and it didn't feel that far at all. I thought maybe it was 4 miles, but to my surprise it was a bit farther.

The weather here in chicago has been ridiculous so far. We have way more snow than we did all of last winter, I think. It's windy, it's nasty, I am super busy at work....but keeping running on this type of schudule doesn't take so much time and I feel so much better after a good run.

We are going to florida sometime in the near future for the holidays and so will be able to run in the sun down there, so that will be good also to get back on track for a new year.

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Susan said...

Great job on the run. Oh, have fun in Florida.